Hi, I’m Githa, I’m a grateful mother of three beautiful children,

Nioka, Sabine, and Bruna.

When I became a mother on March 2015, I realized that I’m so demanding about baby products.

From the materials for kids apparels, organic stuff for food and lotions.

Until blankets that’d match our kids bedroom.

Silly, but I really enjoyed it.

My background is design, fashion and a little bit of sewing skill.

Since teenager, anything that wasn’t available on the market,

I usually made it by myself.

I like to make my own clothes, shoes, or stationary by myself.

Back when I was preparing for the birth of Nioka,

most of the blankets thats available were too mainstream or expensive.

That’s what pushed me to make my own baby blankets.

From a simple home business,

now Maison Elmesa has already have a small and great team

and we take pride to produce the upmost quality baby blanket in town.